CXDI-401 C Wireless

CXDI-401 C Wireless

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Product Description


Model name: CXDI-401C Wireless
Pixel pitch: 125 m
Imaging area: 43 cm x 42 cm
Sensor dimensions: 46 cm x 46 cm x 1.5 cm
Weight: 3.8 kg
Scintillator: Caesium Iodide Scintillator
Wireless: Standard IEEE 802.11n (2.4 & 5GHz dual band)
Preview time: Approx 3 sec.
Cycle Time: Approx 9 sec.
Battery Performance: Approx 140 images
Battery Charging Time: Less than 3 hours

Solution Composition

  • Portable DR Workstation (laptop or desktop)
  • Canon Flat Panel detector
    (CXDI-401C / CXDI-701C /
    CXDI-801C Wireless)
  • Grab&Go bracket (optional)

Grab&Go bracket

up for the DR Workstation laptop and the CXDI-701C Detector. This solution is easily set up in any X-ray room or even on the top of your mobile system.

System Key Features

  • Easily add DR to any X-ray system using just 2 lightweight components
  • No connections or modifications to your existing X-ray system necessary
  • Not tied to any X-ray system; simply pick up and move to another.
  • Option for integrated USB DAP Meter

Optimal dose registration workflow.

With the optional USB DAP meter integration, the dose is directly added to the DICOM header of the image and available for further processing.

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