MAGLIFE Serenity

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Product Description

Highest ECG quality even under strongest gradient influence

Wireless Data Transmission
The MAGLIFE Serenity is based on the lastest WLAN technology; therefore, the MAGLIFE Serenity and display unit can communicate via optical fibre cable, Ethernet or WLAN.

Safe SpO2 Measurement
SCHILLER provides either wireless or optically wired SpO2 The wireless solution provides total mobility around the MRI and reduces patient installation time.

Monitoring The Magnetic Field
The Built-in continuous magnetic stray filed analysers offer the highest safety. Alarms and shutdowns can be triggered at any time during operation and even when the device is switched off.

User-Friendly Features
Clearly visible colours screens on the TFT monitor as well as on the display unit and easy-to-use software guarantee a user-friendly operation. Easy and quick transport ensures ideal flexibility. The MAGLIFE Serenity can e placed on the MR compatible anaesthesia cart. The simultaneous monitoring of 32 vital parameters gives you the overview at all times.

Magscreen Serenity
The remote display unit gives total control over the main device. An interruption of the MRI examination is only necessary if required by the patient’s condition.

Wireless SpO
Simply connect the wireless front end to the patient’s finger or toe and you are ready to start.

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