Optibolus Shaping Software

Optibolus Shaping Software

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Product Description

OptiBolusTM software was designed to employ multiphasic injection, to expand the window of enhancement for contrast procedures.
OptiBolusTM software optimizes the contrast
media injection process through:

Uniform Distribution
Deliver contrast media at a controlled flow rate and volume ,to help ensure uniform vascular enhancement of the pulmonary arterial system throughout the scan. This helps decrease the possibility of missing the bolus.

Optimize the Utility of Contrast Volume
Potentially reduce IV contrast agent volume. This can allow you to use contrast media more efficiently, while also improving visualization at the bolus peak.

Ease of U se
Your existing protocol converts to an OptiBolusTM protocol at the touch of a button.

Order Informa tion:
Optional OptiBolus Activation Key: # 844210

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