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IMIX Holding AB was formed in March 2010 by the merger of digital radiography (DR) manufacturer IMIX ADR and medical radiology systems and subsystems developer, Arcoma AB. IMIX, a leader in DR technology products and solutions, is privately held and located in Växjö, Sweden with its US headquarters in Laguna Hills,CA

With more than 40 years of combined imaging experience, the merger brought together pioneers of digital imaging technology with the industry’s most technically advanced OEM supplier of systems and subsystems to some the world’s best known medical technology companies.

Today, Arcoma-IMIX’s fully interoperable and configurable products include state of the art fixed, tethered and wireless flat panel detectors, as well as positioning devices, stands, tables, generators and software. By integrating multiple detector technologies with highly flexible positioning devices and full-featured software, Arcoma-IMIX addresses a broad array of clinical needs at multiple price points. The company’s DR and DR-ready systems are configured, staged, and tested in its state-of-the-art facilities to ensure quality, stability and value.

Arcoma-IMIX provides complete DR systems and subsystems under the Arcoma brand to its OEM partners and under the IMIX brand through Value Added Resellers for use in hospitals, clinics, imaging centers and private practices of all sizes. Arcoma-IMIX serves imaging customers throughout Europe, Asia, North America and Latin America.


Arcoma-IMIX DR solutions are at the intersection of technology, functionality and design. Arcoma-IMIX combines ergonomic Scandinavian design with leading edge digital imaging technology to deliver a complete, configurable and functional line of digital radiography systems.

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