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AIDIA Benefits

AIDIA Benefits

Smallest Pixel Size: 65㎛

The smallest pixel size in the field ensures clear visualization of micro-calcification in breast images

With the smallest 65㎛ pixel size and selenium(a-Se) direct type detector, AIDIA UD provides high-definition,high-resolution premium mammography images for increased diagnostic accuracy.


Increased Productivity with Easy-to-use workflow
Auto Positioning for Effective Operational Process

It is possible to quickly and easily set the next shooting position while maintaining the patient's breast height information


Increased Satisfaction for both technicians and patients

With the dual control panel, switching-dual filter, and AAEC function, technicians can operate AIDIA with minimal effort and complexity, increasing productivity and efficiency.


Minimized Patient Discomfort

With AIDIA’s 1-2-3 paddle release, patients experience breast screening more pleasant and comfortable.


RConsole 2: Digital Mammography Image Acquisition Console

Designed to improve and simplify technician’s workflow efficiency, technicians can acquire images and easily check


Ergonomic Design for the comfortable examination

Ergonomic design is applied so that patients can take a comfortable posture irrespective of their age or body type.


Design providing a sense of stability to patients

AIDIA's soft curved edges provide a calming examination environment and positive user experience, and thus better imaging quality can be obtained by increasing patients' attention to the examination


Small Footprint,
Small Packing

With a gantry internalized generator design, AIDIA enables simple and small area installations in rooms for increased space utilization.

Also transporting this compact system is convenient and safe with its small packing size.

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