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AI Assisted Automatic X-Ray Image Reader

• Acquired CE certificate.
• Artificial intelligence medical devices in Korea.
• Artificial Intelligence-based Pe disease reading assistance solution


• Easy to learn and use
• Optimized image processing algorithm for each different body parts
• Side by side multi-image comparison
• Fully compatibility with DICOM3.0 standard : Supporting DICOM transfer, Worklist, etc.
• Fast & Convenient register/edit patients and body-parts
• Emergency & Special code registration • Image sequence change & DICOM header auto-changing function.
• Supporting various storage medias(CD, DVD, USB memory) and hard copiers (DICOM and paper printer)
• Various Image manipulation : Window level, Zoom In/Out, Pan, Crop, Invert, Rotation, Stitching, etc.
• Database : Convert/Export, Insert and archive, Swap, Merge, etc.
• Automatic Chest X-Ray image reading – Tuberculosis – Chest X-Ray Abrnomalities – COVID-19

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