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Dynamic Digital Radiography

X-ray Motion Analysis Workstation


In this system, general-purpose radiography equipment can be used, just as for conventional simple chest radiography. This system transmits a series of pulsed X-rays about 15 times per second using the same principle as animation, and displays a series of static images to create dynamic images. Chest dynamic digital radiography images allow us to observe actual movement, and we feel they can provide much more information than static images. In addition, the system allows standing-position radiography, as opposed to supine-position CT or MRI. Therefore, it also has the advantage of being able to observe body conditions in the posture in everyday life.

  • The Dynamic Digital Radiography Analysis Workstation “KINOSIS”, the portable DR “AeroDR 3”, and general-purpose radiography systems conventionally used for chest radiography, make up the components of the Dynamic Digital Radiography system. This breakthrough system can transmit a sequence of pulsed X-rays and display a series of static images to create dynamic images. KINOSIS is equipped with Konica Minolta’s proprietary image processing technology to provide a variety of information for the medical field.

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