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Support informed Decisions with Contrast&Care®+ Injection Management Software

Guerbet aims to provide accurate and complete traceability of the injection activity with integrated digital solutions.

To that purpose, Guerbet has designed Contrast&Care®+, a contrast media injection management software, in order to simplify administrative tasks while ensuring automatic traceability of injection data:

  • Easy connectivity with information systems used in radiology: automated interfaces between Contrast&Care+, the injector and the Hospital Information System (RIS, PACS, EMR).
  • Collection, archiving, review, analysis and sharing of injection data: contrast products, adverse events, injector activity, information on estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR) and other risk factors.

Contrast&Care®+ is designed to work with Guerbet’s range of power injectors: OptiVantage® multi-use, OptiVantage® single-use, Illumena® Néo, FlowSens®, OptiStar® Elite, OptiOne®.*

  • Accurate analytics to optimize contrast media utilization**

    Build KPIs and comprehensive dashboards to support injection management within the institution.

    Perform multi-factorial analysis, discover trends, and compare practices between sites and stations.

    Identify and analyze patterns associated with the occurrence of adverse events.

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