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The E2860 controller shelf is a four-rack-unit-high (4U) high-density SAS-3 (12 Gb/s) enclosure. It includes two E2800 controllers and can hold up to 60 drives in five horizontal drawers. The E2860 controller shelf supports either high-capacity 3.5-inch SAS drives or high-performance 2.5-inch SAS drives. You need a minimum of 20 drives for proper airflow and heat dissipation.

  • You must ensure that you have an industry-standard rack with sufficient depth, weight, and power handling capability.

    Height Width Depth
    6.87 in. (17.44 cm) 17.66 in. (44.85 cm) 38.25 in. (97.15 cm) - With bezel

    36.30 in. (92.2 cm) - Without bezel

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