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The new mobile Phoenix fully digital integrated with X-ray generator and telescopic column, provides all the technologies atributes used for SEDECAL mobiles with new innovations thinking in the patient and the professional: power, reliability, high quality imaging in digital X-ray, coverage and now also extreme visibility due to the double touch screen.

The new compact size, the integration of the system plus all the elements added in terms of usability and safety brings Phoenix as the the most complete X-ray mobile in the market

  • PhoeniX mobile is the new digital generation mobiles from SEDECAL. Includes double TFT totally integrated with the high frequency generator, where the operator will be able to proceed with the exposure, x-ray image preview and image enhancement tools. This mobile has been designed with high advantages compare with the rest of systems nowadays:

    • Compact Size.
    • Telescopic Column.
    • Powerful (Up to 50KW) From 20 kW.
    • Fully motorized.
    • Easy Moving.

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