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AeroDR2 1417S

AeroDR2 1417S

Second-generation standard model that inherits the high-performance specifications. With superior durability and lightweight, it is the best solution for mid-range facilities with a need for frequent imaging.

  • CsI scintillator
  • Lightweight 2.5 kg, Robust structure
  • Water resistance IPX6
  • AeroSync (AED function) (AED: Automatic Exposure Detection)
  • Quick charging within 13 minutes
  • We developed and manufactured the detector internally, including the scintillator, adopting CsI for the scintillator even in the standard model. Also, as an automatic X-ray detection technology, the product provides the same AeroSync function as the high-performance model, and provides a DR system without requiring a connection to an X-ray device.

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