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Arcoma Intuition is a versatile digital radiography system that combines outstanding image quality with clinical flexibility and high productivity for a wide range of digital radiography applications.


The cost-effective and modular concept of this digital X-ray system, allows you to configure the system to precisely fit your room and your clinical requirements.


Ceiling Tube Suspension

Controlhandle with large touch screen display for adjustments of exposure settings and display of patient and positioning information.
Motorized vertical column Up to 1700 mm (67”) vertical travel (depending on ceiling height)
Synchronized, motorized tracking with Wall stand and Table.

Minimum ceiling height: 2,5 m (8’3” )
X-ray tube rotation, (Alpha) – 163° + 182°
X-ray tube rotation, (Beta) – 163° + 182°
Total Weight = 126 kg (277 lbs)
(including tube and collimator)

X-Ray Tube & Collimator

300 kHu high-capacity tube
Multi-blade shutter, manual collimation
Laser line field alignment
400 kHu, 600 kHu high-capacity tube
Automatic collimator, DAP meter

X-Ray Generator

50 kW/ 100-240 kHz High frequency generator
OPTION: 65 kW, 80 kW

Vertical Wall stand

Manual Vertical Column with
1470 mm (58”) travel
OPTION: Bucky tilt (-20° – +90°)
Patient lateral arm rest
Foot control (1 or 2)

Elevating 6-Way Table (closed table)

Patient load: 295 kg (650 lbs).
Motorized vertical travel: 540-850 mm (21” – 33”)
Longitudinal travel: ± 500 mm (± 20”)
Lateral travel: ± 150 mm (± 6”)
Table side movement control
Vertical collision protection
Manouvre handle (Up/Down, Table top release)

OPTION: 6-Way Table (two column)

Patient load: 250 kg (550 lbs).
Motorized vertical travel: 555-930 mm (22” – 36”)
Longitudinal travel: ± 600 mm (± 23”)
Lateral travel: ± 150 mm (± 6”)
Manouvre handle (Up/Down, Table top release)
Vertical collision protection

  • The x-ray system, Arcoma Intuition provides a cost-effective digital radiography system to a wide variety of clinical needs.

    Its robust construction and high quality helps ensuring reliable operation, long life time and minimal service which leads to low life-time cost.

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