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The OEC One CFD compact mobile C-arm with CMOS flat panel detector (CFD) delivers a Clear View of anatomy across procedural settings in a synchronized, all-in-one workflow. 

Image quality is essential across procedures and procedural settings, including in tight spaces. With OEC One CFD, enjoy the image quality expected from OEC mobile C-arms and the clinical versatility needed in a compact, all-in-one mobile C-arm.  
See more with the Clear View image chain delivering 1:1 image detail from a CMOS flat panel detector to a 4K 27” image display monitor, and with advanced imaging features like Live Zoom. Do more with a synchronized workflow across procedural settings with OEC One CFD’s connected OEC Touch control panel and positioning aids designed to help achieve the imaging precision you need. 

    • 1:1 image detail from CMOS detector to 4K display with Clear View image chain 

    • View more anatomy* with CFD and Live Zoom, and review last fluoro sequence with Fluorostore** 

    • Easily view large detailed images on 4K monitor adjustable to surgeon’s line of sight 

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