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One PACS viewer for all radiology users: radiologists, technician and referrals are using identical user interface which only differs in the licensed features (e.g. MIP/MPR) and the user rights assigned to each user. Training and administration costs are reduced, and at the same time user satisfaction is increasing.


INFINITT PACS viewer provides dedicated tools for measurement and processing. Spine labeling for semi-automated annotations of the spine or time-intensity-curve display for dynamic MRI examinations are just two considerable features.

    • Progressive Loading/ Just in Time Loading
    • 2D Jobsave
    • Hanging Protocols
    • Automated software distribution
    • Centralized configuration and user profiles
    • MIP/MPR/VR
    • Multisite support by INFINITT Caching Server
    • Thinslice storage management
    • Scalable and highly availabale
    • Intuitive management and administration of the  systemFast loading speed
    • Individually configurable user interfaces, hanging protocols and Layouts
    • Data security and availability

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