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Remex KA6 Digital X-ray Machine

Remex KA6 Digital X-ray Machine

uperior Image Quality with Low Radiation Exposure. Expanded Clinical Coverage: All parts of human body including adult chest, pelvis, abdomen, hands, feet and oral parts; Set up time under 1 minute. Minimized Radiation Exposure/Reduced Time: Reduced radiation exposure time with low dose product design and mechanism minimized radiation exposure for users and patients; Image acquisition under 3 seconds. Patented Adjustable active area collimator: Patented Collimator reduces leakage and scatter radiation. Superior Quality X-ray Image: 70kV: Improved image penetration >Improved bone identification; 6mA: Reduced required irradiation time >Reduced motion blurring; 0.4mm Focal Spot>High resolution.

    • Low Dose
    • Light Weight
    • High Resolution
    • Wireless Remote Switch

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