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RSM 1824C

RSM 1824C

  • High-resolution, high-quality images with small pixels of 76㎛ 
  • Easy and fast upgrade
  • Fully compatible with existing equipment and dose control AEC Sensors
  • film. Same size as CR IP cassette
  • Faster patient imaging and improved work efficiency
  • Proven products used in over 40 countries around the world
  • Model

    RSM 1824C


    Direct Deposition Csl 

    Pixel size



    2,304 X 3,072

     AEC Sensing

    System Compatible AEC 


    194.5 x 267.5 x 14.2

    Chest Wall Distance 

    ≤ 2.0mm

     Weig ht

     0.92 kg

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